Male Sexual Dysfunction

  • Male sexual dysfunction is an important cause of deteriorating men’s’ health. Apart from causing mental, physical and social setback to the patient, it is also a cause of severe frustration to the accompanying partner. Due to the stigma associated with the issue, many patients hesitate to disclose their problems and fail to seek treatment. However timely diagnosis and methodical treatment can give optimal results. Various modalities of treatments are now available to treat male sexual dysfunction that can restore almost normal sexual function.
    Penile erection requires a complex coordinated interaction of psychological, endocrine, vascular and neurogenic organ systems. Hence finding the exact cause of male sexual dysfunction can be really challenging to the andrologist. Detailed history extracted from the patient and preferably with the partner can be helpful to get a correct diagnosis. Taking the patient in confidence is of utmost importance during the consultation. Sometimes questioning the couple separately helps in better understanding of the problem.
    Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the two major and common causes of male sexual dysfunction; the other being loss if libido, Peyronie’s disease, penile curvatures, and penile fractures. The causes of erectile dysfunction range from fear and anxiety to complex organic diseases. Premature ejaculation needs to be classified systematically into the various types so that proper management is offered.